Why Us
What is Talking Tree Hill?
What do kids do at TTHill? Day in the life at TTHill?
Who started TTHill?
What if my child doesn’t really like getting dirty?
My child is nervous about trying new things,
how will TTHill help with that?
How long is the drive to TTHill?
Do children get car sick?
What School Holiday Programs are there?
How much does it cost?
Is there a discount if multiple children attend?
TThill is an OSCAR accredited provider. What does that mean? 
How do I access this funding?
What are the different programmes on offer?
How do I know what programme is best for my child?
Can my child get picked up and taken out to TTHill?
Do days go ahead when it’s raining?
Is there a program for under 5’s?
If yes, can ECE hours be used? 
Is food provided?
What are the real green skills you talk about?
What are your ratios of children to staff?
Are your teachers registered?
What are your 8 strands of learning? Why are these important?
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